Friday, November 6, 2009

BioMat Far Infrared Therapy at Vahila Acupuncture

In our continual quest for improved therapeutic results, we keep our eyes open for ways to enhance our treatments. Recently, we learned of a medical device called the Biomat. It's very unique. It is on top of our treatment tables and provides an invisible enhancement of the therapies we offer.

The elements the BioMat brings to the table (pun intended) are:
1. Far Infrared Heat (patients love the soothing warmth)
2. Negative Ions which help create balanced pH in the body
3. Amethyst Crystal strengthens the endocrine and immune system

Visit the link below for more information or call us at 330-477-0777. We are offering a free Biomat session so you can experience the benefits first hand. Call for an appointment.

The BioMat: Click here to learn more at

Be sure to check out the BioMat video. It's a 20 minute overview with interviews with patients, a yoga teacher, a fitness instructor and more.