Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trinfinity8 - A Spiritual Tool for Positive Vibrational Change

I'll be speaking to Merging Hearts (location to be announced) on Sunday, December 12, 10 AM to 12 noon.

Can technology helps us evolve spiritually? Is it possible to rejuvenate at the cellular level?

Join me for a look at some of the most innovative technology available today. The Trinfinity8 was developed by Dr. Kathy Forti as the result of a near death experience.

Trinfinity8 is the first system of its kind to use a personal computer to deliver non-invasive rejuvenation programs based on mathematical code, vibrational energies, and fractal formulations. These programs are in harmony with core energetics that encompass all of nature. It is the first bio-energetic device to use pure quartz crystals rods to directly deliver information to the body.

The presentation will give a brief overview of the technology. Then, you will have the opportunity to experience the Trinfinity8. It is a truly unique and profound experience.

Join us!

Call 330-477-0777 for more info or go to